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How to get 5000 Facebook friends with hundreds of follower

Now i found a big trick to get 5000 Facebook friends in just few time, the trick is fully genuine for getting real friends which will follow you.

Hey if you want to get 5000 friends on Facebook only within 5 days hurry this special trick is only for Facebook users. In this way you will get real 5000 Facebook friends with over 200 followers with this few steps tricks which you have to follow to your new 5000 Facebook friends and followers very easily.


Here are the steps to get 5000 Facebook friends with followers

    1. Go to Facebook.com
    2. Search for “mass add email” app and open it when 100000+ peoples.
    3. Than login with your Facebook account
    4. Now in side bar go to “Mass add email” >> “Generator”.
    5. Now is first box selecting the friends how much you want?
    6. In next select the Gender, which gender peoples you wants to be your friends “Boys” or “Girls” and if both than leave it as blank.
    7. In next select the Timezone from which time zone peoples are your friends and if any than leave it as blank.
    8. In next select the Country from which country peoples are your friends and if any than leave it as blank.
    9. Now click on Generate button which is below the box and scroll down below.
    10. Now there is a list of email in green box copy it and click on the below “Invite” button
    11. Now there is a new page open where two columns in first paste the emails list and in second type “happybirthday99 .com” and submit.

I will recommend you to not to use your personal account for this trick, your account may blocked because of many unknown friends.

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