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How to check authors posts are duplicate or not

Hey you have any Guest Posts page for co-authors or you have authors for your blog and if you want’s to check authors posts are unique or having any duplicate content which can harm your website because of Google’s Algorithm polices which you can harm your website rank and after sometime it will finish your rank on Google pages.

This way is very nice to check yours and your author’s content for duplication. The way is very trusted which many companies are using because of its smart and nice work of checking the content very clearly for duplicate content and unique content.

How to check authors posts are duplicate or not

  1. Go to http://www.smallseotools.com/plagiarism-checker/
  2. Paste your post in the box
  3. Click on “Check for Plagiarism” button, it will takes maximum 1min for long post otherwise it will show you results in seconds.
In the process of checking your content it will scan your whole content on Google that your content is matching or not with other website, if the website seen that any lines are matching with any other website it will show you Existing and if your content is unique then it will show Good.

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