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Clipboard Alert! Websites can access your data

Hi! Guys now days there are many hackers and many are trying to hack but here is a new hacking style which they are using to hack your clipboard which can cause the access of your clipboard and they can store it in their website database. This is the big alert read more why this is a big alert and what is clipboard hacking, why they are doing so.

What is Clipboard hacking?

Clipboard hacking means if you’re copied something by “Ctrl + C” then you access you clipboard and get your data which you have copied and they can store that on their database and then where ever they wants you data which you copied they can see by opening there database. Think that if you have copied your password or your pins of credit or debit card and you are using internet then they can get the access of your data, then if they wants to store that they can if they don’t wants they don’t do that.

Now how they can access your Clipboard and without you paste your data?

This is because of JavaScript and Asp dot net, these both languages can do these things without your permission and store your data.
So don’t go to other website with clipboard any private stuff.

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