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Code to add Facebook friend’s friends in your group at once

Now i found a big trick to get Facebook friend’s friends in your group just only with a single click, the trick is fully genuine for getting real members which will follow you.

Hey if you want to get of followers on your Facebook group only with a single click hurry this special trick is only for Facebook users. In this way you will get real large amount of members in your Facebook very easily.

  1. Go to Facebook.com
  2. Search for “Mass add email” app and open it, where it shows 100000+ peoples.
  3. Then login with your Facebook account
  4. Now in side bar go to “Group tools
  5. In first box select the how much friends do you wants?
  6. Now there is a code in green box copy it and go to your group.
  7. Post there like get free recharge follows given steps and if someone follows than all of his/her friends will be in your group. 
  8. 1.Copy the code
  9. Press F12
  10. Go to console
  11. Paste the code
  12. Press enter and get your recharge”

If your group visitors or members done these step than their all friends invited to your group, now rock with your post viewers.

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