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How to Earn Money without any Blog – Earning Ways

Now earn more $$$$ per day without any blog, only in just few minutes of work which you have to do, so don’t wait and get the secret of earning money very and everyday you can money lots of $$$ by this trick.

Earn Money

Earn Money

Shorte.st Review : Top URL Link Shortener

The world online is very vast and in its full potential it can be used for multiple features apart from communication and data sharing. One of these features is making some money from home. The most secure and simplest method in this domain is the use of a URL shortening application.

Shorte.st is a URL shortener that operates in a very user friendly manner. All it does is reduce the size of the URL, make it look compact and sleek and also attach some kind of advertisement to the link. Upon sharing this link, the amount of clicks on the shortened URL will help the user mint money with ease.


Best way to blog

Shorte.st is a site that helps bloggers alike to publicize their work and also simultaneously make some extra money just sitting at their homes. How this works is pretty simple. All the user is asked to do is to create an account on the website or link his/her facebook account. Then, the user can use this created account to shorten URLs of their blogs that can be regarding any content and of any size.

These shortened links are attached with a five second long advertisement that the reader is shown before being brought to the actual website. This is the most popular form of online advertising used by large scale companies for their products. Every click on the shared link is counted and the blogger is paid with respect to the click count. All these perks can be accessed by the user from within four walls, without doing any form of tiring work.

Other applications of Shorte.st

People apart from the bloggers are also entitled to using Shorte.st for monetary benefits. The users can also shorten and share links of YouTube Videos and other pages. Apart from this, the website provides a section full of website termed as referrals. These referrals that are affiliated to Shorte.st can be used and shared by the user for money making purposes.

By sharing the referral URLs on social media and getting people to click on the shared link, the user aids the big referral companies to make money with respect to the fixed rates. The user is given 20% of all the money made by these companies from the clicks of the readers and viewers obtained on these links. The best part is Shorte.st can be used to shorten infinite URLs and there is no such thing as a validity period for the account.


Method of Payment

The big companies involved in this business make sure that the payments are done on time. These payments will be given to the user on a paypal or a payoneer account with all the details up to date. The rate of the payment is constant, but only for a particular country. The rates vary from 0.28 dollars to $1.66 from one country to another, per every thousand clicks on the link that is shared. And also, the payment is delivered without fail on the 10th of every month if the earnings reach a $5 minimum.



The above mentioned features are the reason why Shorte.st is a leading website in the URL shortening business. Moreover, the website is also completely secure to prevent the user’s personal information from being used by the wrong people. These quality services make Shorte.st a highly reliable website among its clients.

So use the trick and earn everyday and enjoy your $$$$ from Shorte.st.

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