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Every difference between black hat and white hat SEO

Here is every difference between black hat and white SEO for get large amount of traffic and better rank in toppers. These hats are generally increased or decreased your blog traffic and rank in very effective way. These are the way of SEO to get traffic and rank. Now which one hat your blog should wear and why?


What is black hat SEO

The Black hat SEO are ways are backlink building and focusing only on search engine optimization not on quality articles.

What is white hat SEO

The White hat SEO are ways to get traffic and rank from legal ways by some important keywords but not keyword suffering, good content writing and indexing in search engines. All simplest things came to white hat SEO.

Here is the comparison of these SEO hats

  • Black hat SEO: Use to target traffic only in illegal ways.
  • White hat SEO: Use to proving information only in legal ways.
  • Black hat SEO: Helps in ranking but for a short  time, Google can catch you anytime.
  • White hat SEO: Helps in ranking for long term.
  • Black hat SEO: Agents to Google polices.
  • White hat SEO: Follows Google polices.
  • Black hat SEO: In black hat SEO, Google tools catch your tricks and push you blog downwards.
  • White hat SEO: In white hat SEO, Google tools push you blog upwards.


White hat SEO always wins, so better to use white hat SEO only.

So be careful, its not mean you should only use white hat, black hat is also must for ranking for use it less then it will profitable. Like backlinks building and you should also do keyword stuffing but only in between 1% – 2%.


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