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How Flickr Can Beneficial for Bloggers?

Know the best way to use Flickr as a Blogger. Here is the benefits of Flickr.com which are very beneficial for bloggers.

Flickr, everybody knows Flickr? Yes, if now then Flickr is a very popular website for images sharing and downloading but there is one another profit of Flickr for blogger. The Profit is when someone share a image on Flickr then he have to give image credit, means Backlink. Let me tell you that how Flickr is bloggers resource for building backlinks.


How Flickr is Beneficial for Bloggers?


You should you Flickr images because on Flickr you can find images easily but then you think i have to give external backlinks for those to other people.

How to use Flickr for backlinks Building


  1. Fist of all go to Flickr.com and create your account
  2. Then Upload you creative image which will attracts  blogger to use that image.
  3. Then enter your website for credit.

Now where someone wants your images for his/her website then he will give you a backlink as credit and by this way you can create huge backlinks.
Note: If you not giving backlinks to others websites then you should start giving it cause of google policies. We mean you start giving backlinks to other relative website because when you take backlinks from websites with unnatural method and you didn’t have given some external backlinks from your blog to other then and suddenly you will give backlink to someone then Google will think about it, i mean it will think that is it paid or not cause of your single outgoing link. So, play safe in the game of SEO.

Know more about where to get free images for commercial use there are the top 5 best way to get images for commercial use and you can also use Flickr images anywhere these are totally free but with credit.

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