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Fully professional SEO On Page and Off page guide

These are the Fully professional SEO off and on page SEO guide for make you blog or website as professional and know how to write best SEO posts in you blog and good marketing of you blog and website.

SEO on Page

SEO On Page (Search Engine Optimization) is a part of SEO which is used on the page which will helps you to optimize your page or post on search engine results and rank without off page SEO (back-links or social media).

Who to starts and end a post
Started with a wonderful thought of happiness with keywords and end your post also with keywords and thank you to the reader.

Meta tag
Use meta tag for keywords and description
<meta name=”keywords” content=”you key words are here” />
<meta name=”description” content=”you description is here” />

Heading levels
Use Headings tags to increase you search results, mostly use h1 or h2 for good results by headings.

When you are writing, what you have to know
When you are writing a post you should known all about that what is in your mind, that what you are actually writing in your post, if you don’t know the exact things, read on internet about your post and write a post with amazing enthusiasm.

What the readers want’s in your post
Your posts have more word does not mean well but the information you have provided matters a lot. Which are not from other blogs or we can say which have not copied from other sources your content is king and that should be genuine .Your posts with good explanation, less mistakes and in proper lines matters a lot else your readers will face having that information for which you are there . Don’t make so much long post because visitor doesn’t like big posts of 2 or 3 pages or even bigger, explain only useful things but if you make a bigger post use more images for better explain. Your posts should be interesting and sweet, if your posts are boring visitors will never come again to your website for reading your other posts like you are not going to have me again.

Your posts explanation
When you are writing a post you have to explain them with images, videos and live images example: gif images. Again I am saying that content is the king and you should provide opt information to your readers by briefly explaining your topic.

Which language you should use
If you are posting for only your country you can use regional language but now a day everyone uses English. Almost everyone reads and speaks in English so use English, this will make the readers to understand your blog better than ever and you will get more visitors at for posts because it is in international language.

How much time you should spend for you blog
You have to spend at least 3 hours on a post for best writing, convert your first 1 hour into your talent of creativity, second 1 hour for learning more about your topic and last 1 hour for keywords research and writing the post. After that apply your writing skills and take best out of rest.

Final step for SEO on page
When you are blogging the main purpose is writing your posts at least in 2 or 3 days if you have write more post, that is more better but write your posts with following steps else there is no use of writing more posts fast and write latest posts only, if you don’t writing posts than any of these tips are doesn’t work, without posts any blog can’t get more traffic and good rank. This is not necessary you have much post but at least you have 15 post in you blog with well-maintained on page SEO.

How to write a good title for on page SEO
You can use the impressive title that pulls the visitor towards to your website, without a good title visitor can’t read your post.
SEO off Page
SEO off Page is a part of SEO which is used to optimize rank your blog or website with from websites, back-links and social media.

Increase with Social Network Websites
Social network is also a good way in which you can increase you visitors in few hours of working with your social networking websites accounts like Facebook, Google Plus and twitter these are most popular social networking website, you can use these for tell about your blog and website you can like, Share and promote them on Facebook, Google Plus and tweets them on twitter when you public your post.

Website submission
Submit your blog or website on directories to give more back-links of your websites or blogs.

Increase with Post Comment
As you know post comment, post comment is used for communicate with website visitors and owner with a text massage. You can use post comment to ask any questions and replay, to get traffic with comment ask or replay with your blog or website back-links.

Increase with Answers
I am talking about questions-answers this is also a popular way which peoples uses for their websites or blogs, you can also use them for your websites or blogs. How you can use this idea, if any website user asks any question and the answer of that question on your website or blog, so you can answer that question with your website post link, there are many types of these website on which you can answer the question like ask.com, yahoo.com, answer.com etc.

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