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What is Google Honey Moon and How it works?

Google is making their new policies and updating its previous policies. If we will think about what Google Policies refers to is that they are just the program which measures a blogs or website’s performance. Google has recently has updated their Google Panda which has Killed the business of Event Bloggers and Event workers. Google Panda tracks new websites and measures that they are updating them very often or not .So now first think about that.

The Google Honey Moon

Google Honey Moon is a program designed and propagated by Google. Inc. Actually Google has launched its several projects, policies and programs to keep their hawk eye on our workings and performance. In reality Google has created a comprehensive setup and linked several programs and policies all together so they can work at their best. Every blog needs right optimization and SEO tips and tricks so to make easy flow through these programs but it has been difficult to cross this river with some tricks and working hard and providing good information is really a super alternative for crossing this river {Google Programs}.Google Honey Moon is actually referred to that situation when a blog or a website get stuck into huge Google Search Traffic due to its High SERPS which is a ranking system. Sometimes it helps a lot in making huge success in a fury but for long term blogging it is of no use at all. Google Honey Moon is referred to that time period when a blog gets stuck in huge traffic without any SEO Optimization and without any hard work or such type of practices. It is generally from 24-50 hours the time you just have registered your domain name for your new website or a blog. Actually i do think it is that time period when Google tries to get your information and information about your pages and URLs that’s why they shows up it in the Google Page Rank and if your blog has sufficient content than it may not decrease it’s Page Rank even after the Google Honey Moon Period gets over. For Example one of my friend’s blog was stuck by Google Honey Moon just after few hours he registered his domain in GoDdady. He posted 2-3 posts that day and got 1 rank in Google Search Engine’s searching but after 1-2 days his posts get hidden from search results. This gives us Idea that Google Honey Moon is not as Bad as we think but if you are not having required content than forget quick success. Sometimes Honey Moon activates on an old blog too and makes it go up in Page Ranks as few days back My blog got stuck in Honey Moon and really it made me to feel like Honey Moon but just for 3-4 days and daily visits went back to its original size after my blog was out of Honey Moon.


OK!!! guys that was it from my this post which describes that what it Google Honey Moon and How it Stuck to Your Blog but here is a tip for new bloggers do not wait to be stocked by Google Honey Moon Just Work Hard and keep reading.

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