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Great SEO optimized post writing special tricks for quick organics visitors on your blog

You have a brand new website or you are working on it since some time, all you need Traffic. Traffic is simply the Visitors, who visit your website but is not so easy to get traffic but today here i am going to explain ways to get Traffic to your website fast and FREE. So just go through this article.

Great secrets SEO post writing

 The first thing you must have is the Content, what you want to show the world. This might be of any type but not of hacking, pornography or any other illegal things like drugs etc.

 Use Google Adwords for keyword research which are in low competition with nice traffic and if you want visitors only from a place than you can also keyword research to target that place.

 Your Posts on your Website or Blog must contain at least 300-1500 words per article you post.

 Write a great and unique post which looking sweet and attractive with keywords which will help in good search/organic traffic from the visitors.

 Search Engines only show results matching the stuff on any website. For example if you publish the article and go to Google or any other Search Engine and search for the same words, YOU WILL GET THE RESULT.

 Other things you can use is Social Networks i.e. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc. so BE SOCIAL.

 Get engaged in Conversations going on, on any website and there just talk about your website.

 Use your website URL in your Signature in mails. Plus anywhere possible, just write the website name down.

 Talk to your Friends & Family about the website, this will keep your website in fame.

 Use Backlinks:- Backlinking is very useful, but sometimes the Search Engines identify it as spam. So use these wisely by submitting backlinks after some intervals.

 Be active on websites such as: Yahoo Answers, About.com, Ask.com, Answer.com, and Wikihow.com etc. that generates Unique Traffic to your website or Blog for Free.

Now try these great SEO tricks on your post you will defiantly get large amount of organics traffic 🙂


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