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How to increase blog traffic faster

These are the top tricks to improve a blog very easily and fast to get more traffic and give your blog a nice look which will help you to develop an effective and impressive blog of your own.

A blogger should have these important tricks to improve his blog:

Your blog should have impressive and important information about that topic on which you are making your blog and write your posts with attractive and amazing information, title and use some keywords which are helpful
Use these ideas for improve a blog

  • Use videos: To explain better you can use some videos that are properly related to your topic with some good explanation and upload them on your website but if you don’t have enough space to upload you can upload them on YouTube and after uploading open your video on YouTube, then click on share > embed  then select the HTML code and paste it on your website where you want that video to be appeared.
  • Use Images: You can use images that provide good explanation of you information and gives a nice look to your website. You can use images from other websites too. By adding Images you can explain your topic at your best.

Trick to design your blog to make it a pro blog:

You have to use a simple design for your blog which is easy to navigate without any problems or errors and everybody knows that simplicity is the best than more creativity because if you use more creative design and function than your blog speed is going to slow down to low and if your blog is having more functionality and visitors don’t know the use of those functionality so what is the use of those functionality, you should learn some programming languages that are used for website development, like HTML, CSS you can use these for designing your website and if you want to give some functionality to your blog use PHP and also use JavaScript but if your hosting platform does not supports PHP than there is no use of PHP and blogger does not supports the use of PHP. You can use JavaScript but to use JavaScript you have to buy java hosting and this costs a hard bucks and mostly big companies use this. If you don’t want to learn any of these programming language you can use any website builder .If your hosting website is providing you a website builder than go for it but most of websites are providing website builder for paid and if you are using blogger it’s have its own very easy and best website builder and blogger is free platform. Design is a part of your blog that gives nice look to your blog with these tips you can design your blog much better as you expect.

Tricks to Increase Loading Speed

If you are using images for your website don’t use high quality images as .png format, use low quality images that are not so large. Do not use loading animation for your webpage loading and don’t use any extra script and widget for your blog. Decrease your website loading speed with these tips else user doesn’t wait for your website to be loaded and close that tab and never comes again at your website. So increase your website speed and stay connected with your Visitors.

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