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How to use PHP Programs On blogger?

Now you can use PHP language on your Blogger platform blogs for free. We have found a new way to use any PHP program on blogger in a simpler way with our few simple step to run it on your blog.

Hey are you are using blogger, your are a PHP developer and bored from it? yes. Then you are at right place today we going to learn how to use php on blogger platform because we have to pay for using wordpress, so while moving around internet i found a way to use php on blogger, let’s see.

PHP on Blogger

  1. First of all what you have to do is, make a account on any good file hosting website. Like Google Drive etc.
  2. Then upload your PHP there.
  3. Get the download url.
  4. Now go to blogger.com
  5. Open your blog in which you want to use that PHP file
  6. Then go to “Layout” option
  7. Click on “Add a Gadget”
  8. Insert “HTML/JavaScript” Gadget
  9. Then add below code
  10. <object width”600″ height=”400″ type=”text/html” data=”your php file address“></object>
  11. Replace the data text with your php file url
  12. Now click on “Save” button

Open your blog and enjoy your php function on blogger 🙂 good luck, if you have any confusion or problem comments below.

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