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Best free top 5 SEO tools provided by Google

Hey are trying other SEO and don’t know about Google best SEO tools than we are here to tell you about top 5 best SEO tools provided by Google which helps you to drive your website or blog traffic in very fast and easy ways. These tools are very helpful for websites and blogs to make your work very easy without any money, only for free.

Google Tool: Google Webmaster

Google webmaster is a very good tool for handling your websites and blogs. There are many controls in one panel with many features of SEO like crawling which is use to index manual and fast, there is a “Content Keywords” in “Google Index” which will shows your website all keywords rank, “crawl error” in “crawl” which is use to repairs your all crawl errors and many more.

Google Tool: Google highlighter

Do you know Highlighter? It’s also like that but this will highlights your websites and blogs main things and this is a manual tool which you have you use by own. The tool work for highlights your main images and paragraphs and titles.

Google Tool: Google analytics

You know analyzer? It’s like that means Google analytics analyses you website mostly everything like visitors, adsense, adwords, goals and many more things try it, it’s too good.

Google Tool: Google adword

Google adwords is a Google program was made for providing ads in Google search results but now it will also use as a keyword planner from which you can plan the best keywords related to your websites, blogs, posts and more.

Google Tool: Google plus

Google plus mostly everyone knows about it is a social media website but now peoples also use it as a traffic increase tool where you can share new happenings of your websites or blogs in your Google plus circle or communities to more traffic.

Use these awesome blogging tools which provided by Google and also share these with your friends.

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