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How to use own 404 error page on blogger

A 404 error means that, that page is transferred or not found. Is your blogger 404 error page is looking so boring without any image and not attractive to user to tell them that “this page is not found” for that reason we are here to tell you about, how you can customize 404 error page easily to give it an amazing look on blogger blog.

Steps for customize

  1. Go to your blogger blog “Settings”: Step 1 in image
  2. In “Settings” select “Search preferences”: Step 2 in image
  3. click on “Custom Page Not Found” edit button:
Now there is a text area box for your 404 page not found new message, after editing click on save changes that is your final step after doing that you can check your 404 error page by entering wrong URL like this “www.yourwebsite.com/something”  at the place of red color URL enter something that is not in your blog.

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