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WhatsApp APK – Download WhatsApp For Android & PC

WhatsApp APK For PC and Android is here now to download for free. WhatsApp is currently the top messaging app in many region and daily contact or time-pass source for most of the people. WhatsApp gained high popularity since it’s launch date and till now this app users grown to 1 Billion, and now a days things can be viral within minutes through WhatsApp. So, we decided to provide WhatsApp APK file on our website.

WhatsApp Messenger is the best messenger for Android, iPhone, Windows phone and now you can even use it on your PC (Windows/Mac) though our given way down below after the WhatsApp Messenger download option for Android.

WhatsApp APK Download From Here.

WhatsApp APK Download From Here.

This app can send unlimited messages to anyone in your group for free, in past we had to pay $1 every year, $1/year was not a big deal but when the time came to pay that $1 for their first year then the most people didn’t had credit-cards and other given options to pay that so after taking WhatsApp under Facebook in 2014 Mark Zuckerberg removed that limit and now you can use it paying any penny and even no ads will be there, all you need not is internet and surfing don’t consume much of your data but downloading pictures & videos do according to their size. Now you must wanted to download Whatsapp, so below we have the Download WhatsApp Messenger APK button.

WhatsApp APK Download

Now everyone wants to install this app but someone gets some problems regrading download and updating WhatsApp, so here are all suitable latest versions of WhatsApp.

So even if you have this app then still it’s worth downloading WhatsApp APK from here because here we have listed latest versions of Whatsapp App to download and you shouldn’t miss these updates (Updates can help in security issues and solving your lots of problems, even some updates change the look to make it more simple and better), so you must download WhatsApp APK if you even having WhatsApp in your phone.

Obviously you can download WhatsApp app from Google Play but… but many people complained about many problems from Google Play, like: internet is working fine but still Google Play showing internet problems, Google Play is not opening etc. We hope WhatsApp APK provided here will work without any issues but sometimes it’s your mobile’s problems, maybe your mobile can’t support new updates.

WhatsApp Official APK Download Links

How To Install WhatsApp Messenger APK

  1. Open the downloaded WhatsApp APK
  2. Read terms and conditions carefully, these are generated by your mobile. (App requires individual storage space, location tracking, network etc.)
  3. Read Terms of Service carefully, these are generated by WhatsApp and then if you agree with it then press Agree and continue button (You have to agree to use this app).
  4. Input your phone number with country code to Verify your phone number and tap on OK button
  5. If you are using internet with the same SIM card then WhatsApp will automatically verify your phone number otherwise app will send a code through SMS and then you have to enter that code and tap OK.
  6. Enter your name
  7. Upload your profile, it’s optional.
  8. Your WhatsApp Messager app is now ready to use.

Now WhatsApp is ready to use to exchange messages with your friends, send videos and make groups.


WhatsApp For PC

WhatsApp For PC

WhatsApp For PC

WhatsApp is truly not for PC, means it’s not officially for PC but still you can use it on your PC, it will work fine.

True that! you can use WhatsApp on Windows 7/8/8.1/10 and Mac, our provided methods works very fine. I am providing 2 methods to install WhatsApp in your PC, you just follows any one method carefully step by step for a clean install.

Both the below methods will be mostly same, Method #1 is recommended and it will work definitely but it didn’t or you didn’t liked the software then you can try Method #2.

Download WhatsApp on PC Method #1 – BlueStacks

Description: BlueStacks is an free to use android app player software founded by Rosen Sharma in San Francisco, California, USA. BlueStacks is firstly designed to emulate android apps for PC and Mac but now it’s having many more new features like streaming, live tv etc. This software will definitely satisfy you and will give you a great android experience.


  • Very fine interface.
  • Apps can be downloaded from Google Play store.
  • You can install apps through APK files.
  • You came here for WhatsApp but you can use lots of more android apps and games on PC for free.


  • After sometime Bluestacks will force you to install 2 advertised apps every week, otherwise you buy SuperUser version to avoid this.

Note: In last of this method i will tell you how you can stop BlueStacks from downloading unwanted apps. So, the above will be no more. 🙂

Steps to install BlueStacks and Whatsapp On PC

  1. BlueStacks For Whatsapp Download (There are both options, for Windows and Mac).
  2. Open BlueStacks application to install it in your PC (It will take sometime).
  3. BlueStacks is ready to use now.

Install WhatsApp On PC Through BlueStacks – Method #1.1

  1. Open BlueStacks and click on Search bar.
  2. Type “WhatsApp” and click on Search button.
  3. Download through Google Play, click on Install (Installing now).
  4. After installation, follow our first tutorial provided above on “How to install Whatsapp Messenger” (All you have to do is, just skip first step).

Install WhatsApp On PC Through BlueStacks – Method #1.2

  1. Download WhatsApp APK from above.
  2. Follow our “How to install Whatsapp Messenger” tutorial.

How to use WhatsApp APK on BlueStacks without installing other advertised apps daily and without paying for paid version?

Answer: It’s easy, you just have to install a new launcher, Nova Launcher is the best. Hope this will prevent all your problems without paying any penny.

Whatsapp For PC Method #2 – Andy

Andy (Andyroid) is an android emulator via you can use almost android apps on your PC for free. On Andy you don’t even have to download daily apps, Andy don’t force for things like this.

It’s easy to use and almost interface is like Bluestacks, so we hope we don’t have to provide much instructions.

Andy Emulator

WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp Web is an extension for PC browsers to use your mobile WhatsApp on PC, remember mobile WhatsApp. Means it will use mobile WhatsApp, so you must a mobile with WhatsApp install and internet enabled all the time you use it on Web. Any action you take on Web will be applied on mobile and mobile actions will be applied on Web, means it will fully sync send and receive messages.

Recommend latest versions of Chrome, Safari , Opera, Firefox.

Know more about how to use WhatsApp Web?

Short History of WhatsApp

Jan Koum and Brian Acton the former employees of Yahoo, founded WhatsApp in Mountain View, California, United States on February 24, 2009, and launched WhatsApp messenger in January 2010.

After leaving Yahoo! and before the idea of WhatsApp, Jan and Brian were living on the saving from Yahoo. They had tried for jobs in Facebook but were rejected, after some months Brian Acton, Jan Koum and Jan’s friend Alex Fishman discussed about “having statuses next to individual names of the people” but this wouldn’t be possible about an iPhone developer because they were wanted the app for iOS App Store, so Alex introduced Jan to Igor Solomennikov that he found on an online website. After some short of time Jan chose “WhatsApp” for the name of app and on his birthday he registered “WhatsApp Inc.”, he told that about the name WhatsApp several times that it’s came from What’s Up. In starting days app kept getting sucked but he waited few more months to see the results of their hard work. In 2009 Apple introduced push notifications, this letting developers push notification on the notification bar even when the users were not using an app, after some time WhatsApp improved and push notification helped them a lot (now each a user changes status and send messages, his/her friends gets notification). In late 2009 WhatsApp got in exclusives in the App Store, they did lots of invest for WhatsApp even their friends form Yahoo.

Starting of 2010, WhatsApp for Android and Black Berry was also got released and did very did with Android. In 2014 Facebook, Mark Zuckerburg bought WhatsApp for $19 billion, in starting people got disappointed because many users got problems like app crashing, hanging etc. but after days all fine. Now it’s under Facebook.

Whatsapp Messenger is in the 10 apps for Android and iOS. App Grown To 1 Billion Users, Approx 500 million users use this app each month, now it’s in the every lifestyle of people.

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