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How to write an amazing SEO optimized post title

The writing title of a post is the main part of the post, which will almost decide the post value. If your title should not in proper way than the whole post will be going down, so you have to write an amazing post title which attracts visitors easily. Here are the tips to write an amazing optimized post title. 

Tile starting should be

Title starting with these kinds of words like: how to, the best, the top, top 10, Best ever, etc. You will these words for post title.

How is your title?

Your title should be amazing, exciting which stand on the heart of visitors, when they speak your title it should be like sweet sound.

Title like you search

Write your post title like you search in search engine about that post for example if you want to sell a car than you title is not like this “Selling a Honda Amaze” it should be like this “Buy a Honda Amaze”.

Keyword in title

Keyword in title will help your post to rank in top search results but don’t re-write any keyword because it’s called spamming and Google catch it very easily so only use safe keyword density.

Attractive title

Your title should be a short version of your post and attractive which will visitors easily understand your post topic and attracts towards to your post.
Use these, these are really great things for SEO optimized post title.

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