tea bushes

Tea, Anyone?

Photo by Windslash Tea is so varied in name, color and flavor that it is usually a surprise for anyone to discover that all the different types are made from basically the same tea plant. Of course, some are flavored with essential oils (Earl Grey, for example, has oil of bergamot, which is made from […]

barbecue ribs

To Barbeque

Photo by Jessica Merz Article by Keith Besonen If your dad is anything like mine, you’ve always known where not to find him — in the kitchen. Cooking is women’s work, after all. Indoor cooking is, at least. Now outdoor cooking, barbequing, that’s a man’s job. “Barbeque” for Dad is anything cooked over a fire. […]

restaurant front of house staff

Front of House Restaurant Staff

Photo by www.audio-luci-store.it The Chain of Command : Restaurant Service Staff Maître d’Hôtel This is the person responsible for the overall management of service at a fairly elaborate establishment, often a hotel. Over time, the title — commonly shortened to maître d’ — has taken on a life of its own. The ideal maître d’ […]

how to use a napkin

How to Use A Napkin

Photo by Didriks Using the napkin at formal occasions, as with much else associated with etiquette, should be a delicate affair. It is meant only to be dabbed at the lips and should not get dirty in the process. It might seem that the napkin is provided precisely so that it can help the diner […]

Chinese Year Of The Ox

Chinese New Year: 1997 A Tale of the Ox

The Chinese Zodiac Story In the distant past, Time was an illusion and chaos reigned among the animals of the earth. Every creature from the cunning rat to the arrogant tiger proclaimed that he alone was the most virtuous and unique. The Jade Emperor, Lord of Heaven, needed to restore order. He would hold a […]

Champagne by Dariusz Sankowski

The Champagne Exchange and The Bubble Lounge

Photo by DariuszSankowski Ladies Who Lunch: The Champagne Exchange in San Francisco by Courtney Weaver Behind rows of neatly folded sweaters, just past overflowing racks of winter coats, and beyond the legions of polyester and rayon blends of Misses’ Coordinates lies San Francisco’s best kept secret. It’s the Champagne Exchange at Nordstrom, tucked away on the […]