barbecue ribs

To Barbeque

Photo by Jessica Merz Article by Keith Besonen If your dad is anything like mine, you’ve always known where not to find him — in the kitchen. Cooking is women’s work, after all. Indoor cooking is, at least. Now outdoor cooking, barbequing, that’s a man’s job. “Barbeque” for Dad is anything cooked over a fire. […]

hamburger marys folsom st san francisco

Hamburger Mary’s

Image copyright Janet Delaney 1582 Folsom Street, San Francisco, California 94103-3721 phone: 415.626.5767 Once upon a time, Hamburger Mary’s was the funkiest burger joint in the city. Then, upscale types would come to this friendly, biker-bar with quirky decor (cream for coffee is dispensed from baby bottles with the nipples cut off) to sample the […]

how to use a napkin

How to Use A Napkin

Photo by Didriks Using the napkin at formal occasions, as with much else associated with etiquette, should be a delicate affair. It is meant only to be dabbed at the lips and should not get dirty in the process. It might seem that the napkin is provided precisely so that it can help the diner […]

the slanted door valencia

The Slanted Door

Image courtesy of 584 Valencia Street, San Francisco CA (Between 17th and 18th Streets) Phone: 415-861-8032 Fax: 415-861-8329 Cuisine: Vietnamese One of San Francisco’s newest and most popular restaurants, The Slanted Door serves Vietnamese cuisine in a whimsical and elegant setting. Notice the graceful, mismatched chairs, the sea-green dishes that perfectly match the color of the […]

Maison Robert in Boston

Maison Robert Boston

Image courtesy of 45 School Street, Boston, MA (Between Tremont and Washington Streets in Old City Hall) Phone: 617-227-3370 Fax: 617-227-5977 Cuisine: French Housed in Old City Hall, a National Historic Landmark with a cavernous upstairs dining room, Maison Robert has served French food since 1971. French Master Chef Jacky Robert, more daring than previous chefs, […]

Chef Patrick Clark

Chef Patrick Clark

As a good friend of his said; “Patrick was different to other kids. While his peers spent their allowances on movies and baseball cards, he saved his cash to get hold of cream cheese. By the age of nine he was determined to make the perfect cheesecake.” He was turned on to cooking by his […]

Spring Vegetables

Seasonal Vegetables: Late Spring

Late Spring Vegetables are available from May through early June. Some are available and best from late spring through late summer and these are identified below each entry. Artichokes 1st season Artichokes really only thrive in California along the coast, but they do transport well, and that one state manages to provide the rest of […]