Chef Patrick Clark

Chef Patrick Clark

As a good friend of his said; “Patrick was different to other kids. While his peers spent their allowances on movies and baseball cards, he saved his cash to get hold of cream cheese. By the age of nine he was determined to make the perfect cheesecake.” He was turned on to cooking by his […]

Spring Vegetables

Seasonal Vegetables: Late Spring

Late Spring Vegetables are available from May through early June. Some are available and best from late spring through late summer and these are identified below each entry. Artichokes 1st season Artichokes really only thrive in California along the coast, but they do transport well, and that one state manages to provide the rest of […]



Photo by Jun Seita What is a Noodle? Just what is a “real” noodle? A noodle is often defined as the result of flour mixed with eggs. But, there are many noodle-esque noodles made without one or both of those ingredients — like noodles made from agar-agar (dried seaweed) or from strips of bean curd; […]

Chef Jean George Vongerichten

Jean-Georges Vongerichten

Image courtesy of Jean-Georges Vongerichten Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten This is the story of the birth of the herb-infused oil, a story that dates back to the days before herb oils were a cliche: mass-produced, and sold at Williams-Sonoma in every mall across the country. Ten years ago, the lightest sauce one could hope for in high-style […]

Suzanna Foo

Susanna Foo

Susanna Foo Bio Susanna Foo Chinese New Year festivities, celebrating the Year of the Ox, begin February 7th, 1997. Recalling her memories of childhood New Year celebrations in Northern China and Taiwan, Susanna Foo, James Beard award-winning cookbook author and owner of the outstanding Susanna Foo Chinese restaurant in Philadelphia, says: “Whatever their celestial sign, […]

Chinese Year Of The Ox

Chinese New Year: 1997 A Tale of the Ox

The Chinese Zodiac Story In the distant past, Time was an illusion and chaos reigned among the animals of the earth. Every creature from the cunning rat to the arrogant tiger proclaimed that he alone was the most virtuous and unique. The Jade Emperor, Lord of Heaven, needed to restore order. He would hold a […]