Chef Daniel Boulud

Daniel Boulud

Image By DinexGroup Chef Daniel Boulud When Daniel Boulud began working as Executive Chef at Manhattan’s Le Cirque in 1986, the restaurant was much more famous for its glittering society than it was for its rather uninspired cuisine. Within the very first year of his tenure, Boulud turned that around, capturing that coveted New York […]

Hot Chocolate Epiphanies

Hot Chocolate Epiphanies

by Melissa Clark While growing up, I never much liked chocolate. My birthday cakes were always made from strawberry-pink ice cream, and my candy preferences tended toward caramels, candy corns, and sugared nuts. Aside from the occasional bite sized bar of Hershey’s special dark, or a marshmallow-topped cup of Nestle’s Quik, chocolate was just not […]